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  • Design your dress
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The Bedouin tent

The elaborate, fully furnished Bedouin tent displays traditional items of daily life and ornamental pieces. It is open for visitors interested in sitting, relaxing, and sipping a cup of Arabic coffee. Upon request, Maha Saca offers visitors to the tent descriptions of and insights into the customs of Palestinian Bedouins. Visitors are welcome to take photographs in the tent while dressed in traditional costumes. 

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 Gift shop

All handmade items produced at the Center, from dresses to jewelry and art pieces, are available for purchase. The ordering of special items, made to suit the visitor's own taste in color, is also possible and encouraged. All materials can be shipped overseas. 

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 Central Display Panel

The panel exhibits artifacts of daily life, giving visitors a glimpse into traditional Palestinian customs. The highlight of the exhibits is the nol, the traditional weaving machine. All pieces are labeled and dated. Personalized explanatory tours can be arranged.

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 Photographic Collection

The Center produces its own collection of photographs, images from which are available in the form of posters and postcards. The collection’s more than 160 different images capture the beauty of the dresses of Palestine and of the place itself; both intertwined in sheer elegance. Images are also produced on three-dimensional wooden panels. All images in the collection are available for purchase.




Visitors are offered the opportunity to consult and enjoy the Center’s collection of books and other references on the places and cultures of Palestine and the region.


The Palestinian living room

The majlis, or Palestinian-style living room, is an elaborate space that is beautifully decorated with Palestinian items and pieces of art. Visitors to the Center are welcome to enjoy sitting, drinking coffee, and watching videos on the archaeology, history, and religions of Palestine.



The Center, upon request, offers lectures for groups on the history, culture, and embroidery of Palestine. Advance arrangements are required.

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 Photo shoots

Both men and women are able to dress up in one of the beautiful, traditional Palestinian costumes and take photographs. A life-size frame is also available for headshots.

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 Dress rental

The Center provides a wide variety of traditional dresses to rent for any occasion. The dresses are perfect weddings, henna nights, traditional bachelor parties, conventions, and many other social events.

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Design Your Dress 

The Center will create customized originals of any of the beautiful costumes that it has on display for you. These dresses will be handmade by Palestinian women especially for you and will be made from the finest fabrics and highest quality threads. The PHC can also help you select and assemble traditional men’s attire. All materials can be shipped overseas.

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 Traditional Costumes and jewelry exhibit

The PHC has a large display of original, traditional dresses dating to the early 1900s, authentic headdress, and original pieces of jewelry. Dresses, jackets, shawls, accessories, wall hangings, purses, and embroidered cushions, which are represented at the Center, are available for purchase.

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